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The educational proposals are planned in the following ways: - Acceptance of the host group.

- Presentation of the company and its promoters.

- Presentation of the Lab.

- Formation of working groups and carrying out the first phase the educational activity.

- Snack.

- Proceedings of the second phase.

- Activity break.

- Lunch. Greetings.
The price, each participant, of our offer is 7€ for the single lab; The lab and the snack 9€; The lab, snack and lunch 20€. Su Leunaxiu teaching farm promotes the identity of Sardinia, illustrating its history, past and present, culture and traditions, knowledge and flavors. Su Leunaxiu welcomes you and accompanies in the context of rural Parteolla Soleminis countryside, just 15km from Cagliari. We want let you know about the different agricultural production, the animal life and plant, the craft and the social role of the farmer, to educate you on conscious choices for a healthy diet and environmental protection. Su Leunaxiu propose the following Lab: 1-the cultivation of vegetables 2-the cultivation of flowers 3-the cultivation of fruit 4-the cultivation of olive 5-The nursery 6-breeding of the bees 7-Cooking for a good and healthy diet 8-Make the...bread, sweets and pasta. 9-respect eco-system environment / The importance of renewable energy 10-We practice composting.
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Agriturismo Su Leunaxiu, Cagliari, Provincia di Cagliari Agriturismo SuLeunaxiu
Leunaxiu is Teaching Farm, with workshops ... order to know and learn about the cultural traditions of Sardinia.
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